“Women and Cats Will Do As They Please, and Men and Dogs Should Relax and Get Used to the Idea.” ~ Robert A. Heinlein

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Somewhere in a Small World…

Welcome to the extraordinary tales of a 12th scale feline AND the ONLY animal, domestic or otherwise enjoying unlimited visitation privileges to the ‘Small Worlds’ created by Tee Bylo.

The inspiration for Little Big Cat is a Persian fluff-ball who moves like the speed of light, has a penchant for lime-green feathers and who can on occasion be extremely vocal – particularly when a basket of grooming implements comes into view! He will on occasion answer to the name of Murphy…

AND with the debut appearance of ANOTHER fluff-ball who enjoys a ravenous appetite, has a fondness for cuddles and who will sometimes answer to the name of ‘Minnie B’ – the adventures continue!

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We Seek Them Here AND There!

However as I knew that the feline was no fan of birthday cake, especially one that was covered in chocolate, jam, marshmallow, pink icing and much more besides – I was more than a little curious.

For as it was the middle of the day and he was usually curled up on his favourite pillow – I had to wonder why he was creeping around on a slippery cake board?

Lord Byron’s Birthday? Let’s Eat Cake!

Little Big Cat!

With the clock ticking towards Christmas Day and having already prepared a delicious breakfast for Lord Byron’s household – I took the time to make a quick visit to Nicole’s House.

It was only after I had bounded up the stairs and into the warm and festive loft – I discovered that I was not the only visitor on this Christmas Eve…

Last Christmas…

Little Big Cat!

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Vampyres? Werewolves? Oh My!

Tilly Simms hadn’t really enjoyed the celebrations of the festival of Día de los Muertos yesterday as she had been very troubled by the strange behaviour of Murphy – the small furry cat who prowls his way through the sleepy hamlet of All Hallows

And who charms all who cross his path – including old Bella Pendle, the grumpy owner of ‘Dogwood & Myrtle General Stores’!

Tilly sighed as she thought about Murphy stalking the All Hallows graveyard at dusk with some very odd white foam on his face…

And why was he suddenly leaving his grey fur all over the place, she wondered and then she remembered the time she had spotted him hiding behind that strange mask of silver as she was enjoying a quiet walk alone at dusk.

“OH My!” sighed Tilly.

As Tilly is something of a creative soul, her imagination was now flying all over the place like the leaves tumbling from the old oak trees surrounding the All Hallows Hamlet and she began to wonder if the cat she had seen was NOT really Murphy at all BUT a shape-shifter in disguise OR the beastly familiar of an evil witch!

OR could it be that Murphy was now slowly transforming into a werewolf?

“OH My!” sighed Tilly.

Vampyres and Werewolves? Oh My!