Love IS in the Air!

“We offer love to our customers. And in return, we receive the finest smiles. And even if we cannot return their affection, at least we can offer a rose.”
Bisco Hatori

Today is St Valentine’s Day and I’ve been working at the Brentwood Flower Market attending to boxes of roses, arranging ‘Baby’s Breath’ in silver buckets, unwrapping stems of my favourite asparagus fern in addition to being perched on a stepladder hanging ‘twiggy’ hearts from the ceiling beams and  while rummaging around to find the  rolls of romantic ribbons that I had stored for safe-keeping last year!

Yes, its been one busy day!

However, with only moments to go until closing time, and as I finally  beginning the arduous task of sweeping up the mess from the floor, while, I might add with one eye firmly on that box of chocolates nestled upon the wooden dresser; but who should potter in but Murphy!

However as I watched him make his way to the large display table to gaze at the flowers that remain unsold, I sensed that the feline was troubled.

“Today’s St Valentine’s Day Murphy!” I said cheerfully and as something caught his eye, he snapped out of his reverie to potter over to shop counter; “Ooo! That’s a lovely bouquet!” he said in reply.

“Yes, it is rather nice isn’t it? The customer wanted something a little ‘extra special’ for his Valentine and so I have created a bouquet of roses, ferns and chocolate ‘kisses’ that I shall be delivering on my way home tonight. And you Murphy; do you have a secret Valentine?”

“My Valentine,” he said in a quiet whisper “is the girl next door and she loves nothing more than sitting by the rose bed in our garden on a nice day… She just loves those roses and until they bloom again later this year, I will miss her…”

As the feline’s voice trailed off, I realised what was troubling him and glancing at the solitary red rose on the counter from the corner of my eye, I asked him if he would like this as a gift for his Valentine…

“Ooo! Yes please!” he chirped and as he quickly pottered over to the buckets of ‘Baby’s Breath’ and the asparagus fern in the corner of the shop, I had to laugh; “Would you like me to include some of these too?”

With the sweeping up now on hold, I put aside the broom and began to create a floral love token worthy of this feline’s Valentine.

“Tell me about the girl next door,” I asked him as I grappled with the scissors and fine silver wire.

“Oh, that’s easy,” he replied “for not only is she better than fifty shades of grey with a gorgeous fur coat and a twinkle in her eye; but I think that she also quite likes me!”

Jumping down from his comfortable perch to inspect the piece of red ribbon that had been discarded on the floor, I knew that I now had the perfect finishing touch…

It was only as I was applying the finishing touches to Murphy’s corsage with this piece of red ribbon decorated with tiny gold hearts that I noticed he was NOW decorated in flowers!

Shaking the flowers from his fur, he expressed delight with his unique Valentine’s corsage and tucking it carefully under his bushy tail; he now went in search of the girl from next door.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Murphy!” I called out as he pottered off AND I went in search of the broom – again!