On Homeless Sunday, THOSE Mice from St M’s arrived at St Margaret’s Parish Church to welcome everyone with bowls of tasty goulash and to raise awareness and support for those who have no home they can call their own.

However, enticed by the smell of delicious food wafting through the cold January air and being the curious feline she is; Minnie B had also decided to potter into St M’s Church to see what was going on…

Now, as Minnie B is known for her legendary and ravenous appetite, she was delighted to see the Rev. Suze inside the church for she could always wangle a yummy snack from her and seeing that there was a bowl of beef goulash left uneaten – she was one happy feline when the Rev. Suze offered it to her!

And just as she was about to tuck in – who should appear but Murphy!

Let’s Go to Mr Madrigal’s House!

The Mice from Merryworth

We Seek HIM Here! We Seek HER There!

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