Little Big Cat!

The Adventures of One Little Big Cat!

Today is St Valentine’s Day and I’ve been attending to boxes of roses, arranging ‘Baby’s Breath’ in silver buckets, unwrapping stems of my favourite asparagus fern and hunting for the rolls of romantic ribbons that I had stored for safe-keeping last year.

However, with only moments to go until closing time and with the sweeping brush still patiently waiting – who should potter in but Murphy!

Love IS in the Air!

However as I knew that the feline was no fan of birthday cake, especially one that was covered in chocolate, jam, marshmallow, pink icing and much more besides – I was more than a little curious.

For as it was the middle of the day and he was usually curled up on his favourite pillow – I had to wonder why he was creeping around on a slippery cake board?

Lord Byron’s Birthday? Let’s Eat Cake!

With the clock ticking towards Christmas Day and having already prepared a delicious breakfast for Lord Byron’s household – I took the time to make a quick visit to Nicole’s House.

It was only after I had bounded up the stairs and into the warm and festive loft – I discovered that I was not the only visitor on this Christmas Eve…

Last Christmas…

Today is Armistice Day and with the weather somber and dark – I wind my way through my garden and to the old corbel stone that is nestled among the shrubs and ferns and where my ‘Poppy Garden’ now waits.

It is then that I hear the familiar rustle of leaves and before I can add my tribute to the others in the garden…​

As the Poppies Blow…

Tilly Simms hadn’t really enjoyed the celebrations of the festival of Día de los Muertos yesterday as she had been very troubled by the strange behaviour of Murphy.

For why was he suddenly leaving his grey fur all over the place, she wondered and then she remembered the time she had spotted him hiding behind that strange mask of silver as she was enjoying a quiet walk alone!

Vampyres and Werewolves? Oh My!

At first Minnie B had  been very excited to have received her special invitation to the party at Nicole’s House for this All Hallows Eve but as the day arrived and even with the promise of lots of delicious cake – she was not her usual happy self.

As I spotted her sad little face as she perched upon the old corbel stone alongside her cherished invitation – I had to stop and see if there was anything that I could do to cheer her up.

Orange is THE New Black!